In class we are exploring a way of delivering math theorems instruction that is more visual in nature, among other things. To explore and understand this, the first place I stopped was – out of habit – Google Scholar. I then began exploring resources at the HBL Library. ERIC surprised me by how well it worked. The second resource I found was a study on “Visual Theorems” – bingo. I continued working in this way that was familiar to me.

But I also decided that I needed to do more. I realized that I probably am missing a lot so I met with the BYU Education librarian Rachel Wadham. She is fantastic! She is very welcoming, accommodating, and accessible. It’s invaluable to have someone as knowledgeable as her to point me in the right direction, and to supplement where and how I am looking.

I also spoke with my teenage son, who is a couple grades advanced in his mathematics ability. I bounced our ideas off of him and got a good feel for what may work and what may not work. This was invaluable as a different type of “research” into initial exploration and understanding of our topic.


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