Assessing Creativity of Others with ECCI-i

I’ll keep this brief. Dr. Robert Epstein has a test that measures “skills that help people express their creativity” – creativity skills that lead to creative output. I’m equating this to mean creativity. It’s the Epstein Creativity Competencies Inventory for Individuals (or ECCI-i). It’s been used on a lot of people for a long time and is scientifically legit. I used the test tonight on several people including myself.

The test and the results were disheartening and difficult for me to take seriously. In terms of the test, I have a hard time believing that a test which asks me the same handful of specific/random questions in different ways – like how much I rearrange my physical desk’s desktop, or if I keep a recording device next to my bed specifically for flashes of inspiration at night (seriously?) – is a serious measure of my creativity.

In terms of the results, I scored unspectacularly: 56%. I’ve always identified creativity as a core strength of my own, ever since I was little. I don’t feel threatened by an unspectacular score; rather, it came as no surprise and felt like a complete validation of my feelings about the test as I rolled through it. It was not surprising.

I’m no expert and trust Dr. Epstein to know his business. Apparently there’s a lot more for me to learn here, if I take the time to explore it.

4/15 EDIT:

It turns out I only discussed my own scoring but not that of my wife and daughter. Oops! My wife Mindy scored 41% and my daughter Abby scored 54%. As I’ve reflected on this I stand by my initial gut-check: that the test seems a rather incomplete assessment of creativity, based on what I know about creativity and these individuals, and that I’m sure there are also things I am missing in terms of what I am understanding. My daughter, especially, is someone I’d classify as more creative than most people I know. I think this test pigeon-holes into too specific of things.

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